About Us

I have been in the upholstery business for many years. Almost everyone in our family has worked for us at one time or another:

  • I​n 1996,
     I set us up on computers while my dedicated father insisted on simultaneously doing books manually and we sat back to back & bickered with each other just like old times!
  • My mother collected A/R & later helped me with massive book work.
  • My son installed headliners when we were open 24 hrs
     (he was
    found sleeping once during headliner installation … he went to school, worked at Busch Gardens & worked at
    Upholstery Shop at night).
  • My husband’s sons both worked at ACR at different times, his oldest son worked at shop and assisted with customers & pick up & deliveries and his youngest son assisted with motorcycle shows (including driving a crew to Sturgis Bike Show in South Dakota by himself).
  • In 2002, my daughter graduated from high school and literally (2) weeks prior to leaving for college, we decided to send her for one week training in Birmingham, AL for Mobile Vinyl Dye & Repair. While she was gone, we bought her a 1996 Purple Ford Ranger P/U truck w/ manual shift, installed a slide out bed & mounted the compressor and tools. We sent our existing Sales Tech with her to college todrive her truck up andtrain her for (1) week in sales and helped set up accounts. That is what she did during the entire (5) years in college. Now she has a trade that she can fall back on at any time in her life.

They have all gone on to pursue their own careers:

  • My oldest son is now a Capt C-130 Pilot in U.S. Air Force Reserves (just qualified for Instructor Pilot as well as on verge of promotion to Major) has a wife, a son, and recently adopted 3 African-American children who are sibblings.
  • My daughter has a degree in Interior Design and currently works with an architectural company after recently returning from Argentina where she was employed close to a year.
  • My oldest step-son is a Fireman & trained paramedic.
  • My youngest step-son was pursuing police dept but is currently pursuing another endeavor.
  • They are all married except for my daughter.


  • In 1991, My then husband & his sister (sales), and my father (bookkeeper) opened Anthony’s Upholstery, Inc., located Nebraska & Busch Blvd behind gas station starting out with focus on Automotive industry and later expanded to the Motorcycle industry that also included Commercial, Marine, Aircraft projects.
  • We expanded over the years to (5) locations: (2) in Tampa, (1) in Brandon, (1) Lakeland, (1) New Port Richey. Before using computers, my father did all books manually & literally made rounds to all (5) shops everyday for years. Eventually, we closed 3 out of 5 and sold Brandon location to our then Shop Manager who is still in business today as Dean’s Upholstery d/b/a Anthony’s Custom Restyling II.
  • We created Anthony’s Rent-A-Car, Inc. and later Arrow Rent-A-Car, Inc.
  • In 1998, we changed our name to Anthony’s Custom Restyling, Inc., created a “One Stop Shop” theme, hired our first “Shop Manager” and expanded our services to include Window Tinting & Auto Alarms with a Paint & Body Shop (with Full Paint Booth) adjacent to us. We even opened “24/7″ for a while!
  • In 2004, we opened Rocky’s Restorations, Inc.
  • In 2005, we hired my brother for sales and started manufacturing “fiberglass fillers” for the back bumpers which commonly rotted.
  • Additionally, then started Giddeon’s Upholstery Supplies and my brother sold upholstery supplies throughout the state of Florida.
  • We also created (2) other companies called Auto Keys, Inc. (mobile locksmiths) & Pro-Color Intl, Inc. (mobile vinyl dye & repair).
  • By 2006, Anthony’s Custom Restyling, Inc. had reached over $1 million in sales. In 2007, we set goal to double sales to $2 million and hit $1.8 million. That was QUITE the accomplishment!
  • By 2009, we LEASED our business AND the property to another company for a short time. What a sweet deal that was. Businesses were struggling at that time and that business did not survive.
  • In 2010, I took back and ran the upholstery shop once again, but THIS time BY MYSELF.
  • In 2011, The promise we made to our former shop manager who had been with us since 1988, that one day we would turn the Upholstery business over to him, that promise came to fruition January 2011.
  • 2011-2013, I subcontracted my services out to bookkeeping multiples companies, Lease Abstracting, while simultaneously assisting a former business owner in building their present company from the ground up.
  • To date, I am the SOLE business owner of the UPHOLSTERY PROFESSIONALS servicing primarily the Hospitality Industry and very blessed to have the privilege to work beside such knowledgeable, good, hard dedicated workers!
  • I am a business professional with the focus of my career on sales and building a company with integrity and excellence.
  • I am a former business owner of multiple companies and a professional bookkeeper with over 15 yrs experience using Quick Books and Microsoft Office Software (Word/Excel/Outlook/Power Point).
  • I am passionate about working with people and being able to utilize my skills and expertise in an area which is so vital in ensuring your Company’s success.
  • I wear many hats and even currently still do bookkeeping for a few clients.
  • I also have owned & managed residential & commercial properties, including experience as leasing assistant for past employment, lease abstracting, and assisted in establishing multiple businesses from the ground-up.

Real Estate Course – Hillsborough Community College – Brandon, FL

Sales & Marketing Experience – Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. – Team Manager – Earned the use of brand new Pontiac Grand Am twice in my part-time career over 20 years (1987-2007); Currently Sales & Marketing; Project Coordinator (2011-Present).

Community Service – Pregnancy Care Center – Volunteer Counselor – 12 years (1999-2011).

Specialties: Office & Account Management, bookkeeping, property management, commercial & retail leasing, lease abstracting, sales/marketing, negotiating, problem solving, strong attention to detail, experienced in operations of owning & managing multiple businesses simultaneously over 15 years, excellent written and verbal communication skills, works well under pressure and able to meet strict deadlines, outgoing, friendly, people-oriented, team player, positive attitude, adapts well to new environments.

We are currently discussing partnering up with a local Aviation Company whereby they will sub all upholstery work to us in lieu of staffing full time employees which will be a win win for both sides.

We operate with integrity and strong work ethics. We consider you as a part of our extended family when you become one of our clients! We take pride in our projects and what we do for you!

Let us be your “one stop shop” as we offer a wide array of other services outside of just upholstery we offer. We’ve been serving the Tampa Bay & surrounding areas for over 30 years and now we are serving throughout Florida. I feel confident that you will be impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship we provide. This is imperative when you are considering “short-term” or “long-term” results. We specialize in the hospitality industry. Our prices are very competitive. We feel we can stand 100% behind our motto: “Admire The Quality, Enjoy the Value ….” and … where Integrity and Excellence Matter!